The microblog: 2018.07.31 01:31:07

2018.07.31 01:31:07 (1024074941958959104) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to " (Jonathan S.) (@Midar3)" (1024051823026614272):

Should one write 1000 lines of code when 2 lines would do? Sometimes there's a good reason for this (e.g., optimizing hot spots), but much more often it's for bad reasons. This helps turn our computer systems into an unauditable mess. It turns out that there's a legal equivalent.


2018.07.30 23:59:15 (1024051823026614272) from " (Jonathan S.) (@Midar3)":

What's wrong with CC0, though? It's essentially "This is public domain. If your jurisdiction has no public domain, you can do with it whatever you want". Seems like a good idea to use CC0 instead of public domain, just in case? Can't hurt at least.