The microblog: 2018.09.18 23:34:52

2018.09.18 23:34:52 (1042165082829070336) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "λarsw (@larsw)" (1042147953006338050):

I'm not sure whether there's a proper full-screen PDF viewer in Safari. But, starting from Safari, you can simply click on the up arrow followed by "Copy to iBooks". This opens iBooks, and then you can slide your finger along the thumbnails at the bottom.


2018.09.18 21:47:53 (1042138156869529600) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

Experimenting with several variants of the TEA cipher as a teaching tool (TEAching tool, I guess) for cipher cryptanalysis: Are there any common cipher attacks that _can't_ be illustrated with TEA or minor variants of TEA? See also

2018.09.18 22:26:48 (1042147953006338050) from "λarsw (@larsw)":

Hmm, weird rendering on iPhone of the first document 🤔