The microblog: 2019.06.22 22:45:39

2019.06.22 22:45:39 (1142534135367577600) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Jonathan Bootle (@BootleJonathan)" (1141406268797706240):

Kuperberg's 2011 paper says roughly 2^sqrt(2n) for scaling the number of queries (never mind the huge polynomial cost for each query). The new paper does not claim any improvement in the exponent. To put this in perspective: SVP exponents dropped from 0.415 to 0.292 this decade.


2019.06.19 20:03:55 (1141406268797706240) from "Jonathan Bootle (@BootleJonathan)":

Had been interested in using CSIDH for zero-knowledge in the future, but there is a new attack. How does this scale exactly? I will have to do a lot of other reading before I can understand it well enough to find out.