The microblog: 2019.08.03 21:55:26

2019.08.03 21:55:26 (1157741787169116163) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "SYNTHORN (@Synthorn)" (1156765519157981185):

SUPERCOP is a benchmarking repository that has accepted 3292 implementations (so far) of 1121 cryptographic functions. It benchmarks MD5. It benchmarks code from OpenSSL. There are many different limits in implementations. SUPERCOP has never made guarantees to "downstream users".


2019.03.21 08:51:26 (1108637226089496577) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

"Let's take code from the SUPERCOP benchmarking framework. Does this file supercop/crypto_stream/salsa20/e/amd64-xmm6/warning-256gb mean anything? Probably not." [Time passes] "BREAKING NEWS: We found that this implementation doesn't work after 256GB!"!msg/golang-announce/tjyNcJxb2vQ/n0NRBziSCAAJ

2019.08.01 05:16:06 (1156765519157981185) from "SYNTHORN (@Synthorn)":

"Let's declare that a bug isn't a bug, warn our downstream users in the most oblique possible way, and then bash them on Twitter."