The microblog: 2020.04.02 06:44:53

2020.04.02 06:44:53 (1245572890549837827) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Ani Deshpande (@anidesh1)" (1245446724052631552):

See and the open-source Python scripts linked from there. The original paper that you're asking about has (among other problems) incorrect calculations, graphs, and conclusions within its own model, because it has a typo (55) in its unpublished software.


2020.03.23 16:10:46 (1242106520147460098) from "Stephen Kissler (@StephenKissler)":

New preprint with @ctedijanto, @mlipsitch and @yhgrad: “Social distancing strategies for curbing the #COVID19 epidemic” now available on

2020.04.01 22:23:32 (1245446724052631552) from "Ani Deshpande (@anidesh1)", replying to "Stephen Kissler (@StephenKissler)" (1242106520147460098):

are the modeled estimates of prevalence or cumulative incidence available to download in a .csv or other machine readable format?