The microblog: 2020.04.02 20:44:08

2020.04.02 20:44:08 (1245784097248567298) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Eske Christiansen (@lebox)" (1245623693440516102):

No response to my initial email questioning the calculations and requesting the software. No response to my email specifically requesting confirmation that the unpublished software has this 55 typo. More broadly, no response regarding any of the problems that my paper identified.


2020.03.23 16:10:46 (1242106520147460098) from "Stephen Kissler (@StephenKissler)":

New preprint with @ctedijanto, @mlipsitch and @yhgrad: “Social distancing strategies for curbing the #COVID19 epidemic” now available on

2020.04.01 22:23:32 (1245446724052631552) from "Ani Deshpande (@anidesh1)", replying to "Stephen Kissler (@StephenKissler)" (1242106520147460098):

are the modeled estimates of prevalence or cumulative incidence available to download in a .csv or other machine readable format?

2020.04.02 06:44:53 (1245572890549837827) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Ani Deshpande (@anidesh1)" (1245446724052631552):

See and the open-source Python scripts linked from there. The original paper that you're asking about has (among other problems) incorrect calculations, graphs, and conclusions within its own model, because it has a typo (55) in its unpublished software.

2020.04.02 10:06:45 (1245623693440516102) from "Eske Christiansen (@lebox)":

I read your paper and thanks for doing it. Any response on your paper about the finding of the typo?