The microblog: 2020.08.02 20:07:17

2020.08.02 20:07:17 (1289986140401881088) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "฿itcoin (@CryptoChrisG)" (1289425450016464899):

In the Sea of Cryptography, the top of the food chain is a very dangerous type of shark called the Cryptanalysts. Many of these sharks are too deep for us to see, but now one of them has leapt out of the water and bitten in half a blind man standing at the Schnorr. Um, the shore.


2020.07.31 22:38:24 (1289299396429930496) from "Tancrède Lepoint (@Leptan)":

⚠️ This short note presents a polynomial-time attack 🔪 on Blind Schnorr and related constructions. ⚠️ Joint work with @fabricebh, @mmaker, and Mariana Raykova!

2020.08.01 06:59:18 (1289425450016464899) from "฿itcoin (@CryptoChrisG)", replying to "Tancrède Lepoint (@Leptan)" (1289299396429930496):

Explain like I’m 5?