The microblog: 2020.09.21 19:02:02

2020.09.21 19:02:02 (1308089114646818816) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Mark C. (@LargeCardinal)" (1306837146091892737):

The gerrymandering analogy is interesting. True democracy (no divisions) would be the strong defense. I think the gerrymandering attacker has to do much more guessing regarding which divisions will work well, but has the advantage of not having to make the divisions look natural.


2020.09.18 06:24:52 (1306811404767305729) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

New paper "A discretization attack": Identifies another NSA-exploitable weakness in standardization processes. Includes a detailed case study of how #NISTPQC could hypothetically have been attacked, and evidence suggesting that it was in fact attacked.

2020.09.18 06:43:31 (1306816097182679040) from "Graham Sutherland (Polynomial^DSS) (@gsuberland)":

Really interesting paper. I see a lot of parallels with gerrymandering.

2020.09.18 08:07:10 (1306837146091892737) from "Mark C. (@LargeCardinal)", replying to "Graham Sutherland (Polynomial^DSS) (@gsuberland)" (1306816097182679040):

Agreed this is fascinating!