The microblog: 2020.12.14 13:43:22

2020.12.14 13:43:22 (1338464600207937538) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)" (1337846761377902597):

Europe isn't a monolith, but on average was taking more steps than the U.S. in the spring, successfully driving COVID numbers way down, and then stupidly relaxing instead of finishing the job. Plus, yes, refusing to acknowledge and study and imitate what successful countries did.


2020.12.12 20:32:38 (1337842818065309696) from "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)", replying to "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)" (1337839646303277057):

Now lets look at Singapore. Their case numbers aren't actually all that low. Of course, as you know, it ran rampant in Singapore's foreign worker dormitories, in which some community transmission is still happening.

2020.12.12 20:38:19 (1337844248490762242) from "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)", replying to "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)" (1337842818065309696):

The curious thing about Singapore as T-cell immunity testing has found significantly higher rates of pre-existing reactivity to COVID-19 in their population, 50% vs 18% in Sweden. Singapore has a relatively young population too.

2020.12.12 20:44:06 (1337845705285758976) from "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)", replying to "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)" (1337844248490762242):

Again your claim was "One country after another has successfully eradicated COVID-19 cases; the U.S. reacts with ignorance and denial." You're evidence is just four countries, with _very_ different conditions than the US. Meanwhile lockdown is failing in tons of places.

2020.12.12 20:48:18 (1337846761377902597) from "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)", replying to "Peter Todd (@peterktodd)" (1337845705285758976):

Let's be clear: do you think Europe has reacted with "ignorance and denial"? Much of Europe's reported per-capita death rate is *higher* than the US. And the average isn't much better. How do you compare California to Florida? They're doing about as well, adjusting for age.