The microblog: 2021.06.09 14:13:10

2021.06.09 14:13:10 (1402599649924456450) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Steven Galbraith (@EllipticKiwi)" (1402544477734985740):

Was fun to watch. Happy to hear about the paper being accepted.


2021.06.07 18:23:06 (1401937773859282948) from "Paulo Barreto (@pbarreto)", replying to "Steven Galbraith (@EllipticKiwi)" (1401306805616082948):

What paper is that? How troublesome has it been, and why?

2021.06.07 21:19:35 (1401982187528802305) from "Steven Galbraith (@EllipticKiwi)", replying to "Paulo Barreto (@pbarreto)" (1401937773859282948):

Quantum Equivalence of the DLP and CDHP for Group Actions ( ) Partly troublesome due to reviewers and partly because we kept forgetting about the paper

2021.06.09 06:17:38 (1402479977476546561) from "Léo Ducas MASTODON: (@DucasLeo)" = "Léo Ducas (@DucasLeo)", replying to "Steven Galbraith (@EllipticKiwi)" (1401982187528802305):

Nice !

2021.06.09 10:33:56 (1402544477734985740) from "Steven Galbraith (@EllipticKiwi)", replying to "Léo Ducas MASTODON: (@DucasLeo)" = "Léo Ducas (@DucasLeo)" (1402479977476546561):

I look back with fondness of that day in Leuven at the whiteboard with @yx7__ and Fre. @hashbreaker was also there at the time