The microblog: 2021.09.09 12:25:50

2021.09.09 12:25:50 (1435912325060444167) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Orr Dunkelman (@CryptoOrrDun)" (1435910271000788992):

If you're already thinking about salsa _and_ chacha then base 8 isn't enough; you really need base 16.


2021.09.09 11:42:00 (1435901291142819843) from "Orr Dunkelman (@CryptoOrrDun)":

Looking again at Salsa20 by @hashbreaker, I am surprised to see the constants are hexadecimal and not in base 8, as one would expect for salsa.

2021.09.09 12:13:28 (1435909210680741889) from "Claudio Orlandi (@claudiorlandi)", replying to "Orr Dunkelman (@CryptoOrrDun)" (1435901291142819843):

That’s an ambiguous encoding with 4 and 8 both mapped to blank!

2021.09.09 12:17:41 (1435910271000788992) from "Orr Dunkelman (@CryptoOrrDun)", replying to "Claudio Orlandi (@claudiorlandi)" (1435909210680741889):

well, if you use LFSRs then these are the tap positions.