The microblog: 2022.05.09 03:48:50

2022.05.09 03:48:50 (1523480077559730176) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Gordon Mohr | gojomo.eth ꧁ꙮꙮ꧂ (@gojomo)" (1523477567075848192):

Another random example claiming "The Omicron wave will leave most people with potent and durable protection against Covid": This once-and-done belief is driving COVID (in)action today in the US. But what happens if it fails for millions of people per year?


2022.05.06 01:57:20 (1522364854585085952) from "Vinay Prasad MD MPH (@VPrasadMDMPH)":

Makes no sense 75%+ of US Kids already had COVID Vax available to high risk groups for 1+ yrs If we lockdown harder than Shanghai, slowly 90+% will get COVID If we do nothing, 90+% will get COVID What is the policy goal of continuing restrictions? it wont plateau at 78%...

2022.05.09 01:48:04 (1523449687918866432) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

Is there any scientific basis for today's "Catch COVID once and that's the end of it" narrative? Why shouldn't COVID mutations keep escaping immunity, creating big new waves every year that, in the US, kill hundreds of thousands of people and inflict #LongCOVID on millions more?

2022.05.09 02:52:32 (1523465912103305218) from "Gordon Mohr | gojomo.eth ꧁ꙮꙮ꧂ (@gojomo)":

I've not seen "recover once & never get again" proposed - rather "1st case is worst; recover once & you get immunity even better than 1st gen vaxes alone can give, future reinfections increasingly likely to be mild/asymptomatic". …

2022.05.09 03:34:23 (1523476444621377536) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Gordon Mohr | gojomo.eth ꧁ꙮꙮ꧂ (@gojomo)" (1523465912103305218):

Example of a popular Twitter account stating a policy rationale where (1) the resulting actions are indistinguishable from today's mainstream COVID actions and (2) the rationale focuses exclusively on the percentage of people who have caught COVID so far:

2022.05.09 03:38:51 (1523477567075848192) from "Gordon Mohr | gojomo.eth ꧁ꙮꙮ꧂ (@gojomo)":

Prasad's take is pretty different from prevailing policy lots of places – he wants far more credence given to recovered-immunity, far less emphasis (or compulsion) towards n+1 boosters! …