The microblog: 2022.08.07 20:51:19

2022.08.07 20:51:19 (1556352305565380610) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Nadim Kobeissi ( (@kaepora)" = "Nadim Kobeissi (@kaepora)" (1556347771795525632):

An attack agency that hires all the cryptanalysts in advance doesn't need to worry about trying to suppress public attack knowledge in other ways. In reality, it isn't _all_ the cryptanalysts, but hiring Coppersmith 20 years ago was a big win for IDA, and there are many others.

2022.08.07 20:58:39 (1556354150442549250) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

NSA advertises itself as the largest employer of mathematicians in the country. They also offer summer jobs for US university mathematicians excited by the idea of working on secret problems. Don't underestimate the resources of a multi-billion-dollar-a-year government agency.


2022.08.07 20:02:03 (1556339903499214848) from "Nadim Kobeissi ( (@kaepora)" = "Nadim Kobeissi (@kaepora)", replying to "Nadim Kobeissi ( (@kaepora)" = "Nadim Kobeissi (@kaepora)" (1556339686284607491):

If that is indeed what you meant to imply, then it deserves to be said explicitly. If it is not what you meant to imply, then folks are putting pretty inflammatory words in your mouth. As such, being explicit here is important either way.

2022.08.07 20:15:37 (1556343320212688896) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Nadim Kobeissi ( (@kaepora)" = "Nadim Kobeissi (@kaepora)" (1556339903499214848):

Certain people are falsely attributing to the blog post an inflammatory bribery claim. I never made that claim, in the blog post or anywhere else. The claim is totally out of whack with what the blog post explicitly says. Read for yourself; don't get suckered by disinformation.

2022.08.07 20:25:18 (1556345758332268545) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

People starting from wanting to believe NISTPQC can't have been sabotaged were already making the these-are-top-experts-who-can't-have-been-bribed argument. The blog post notes this argument and then states verifiable facts trumping it, such as IDA hiring Coppersmith years ago.

2022.08.07 20:33:18 (1556347771795525632) from "Nadim Kobeissi ( (@kaepora)" = "Nadim Kobeissi (@kaepora)":

Yes, but again, to be perfectly clear, you are stating the hiring of Coppersmith not as an example of bribery, but only to say that bribery is not necessary if you can just monopolize all the geniuses to produce private research for you, correct?