The microblog: 2013.05.28 07:00:01

2013.05.28 07:00:01 (339244646184144896) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "nikita borisov (@nikitab)" (339174263225462787):

@nikitab @hyperelliptic @_mechanicalmind Are you sure it wasn't "Elligator! Elligator!"?


2013.05.28 01:07:04 (339155823446089729) from "Tanja Lange (@hyperelliptic)":

Want elliptic-curve points to look like random strings? Elligator (w/ @hashbreaker & @_mechanicalmind) does just that

2013.05.28 02:20:20 (339174263225462787) from "nikita borisov (@nikitab)", replying to "Tanja Lange (@hyperelliptic)" (339155823446089729):

@hyperelliptic @hashbreaker @_mechanicalmind my 2yo son just saw figure 1 and screamed "Alligator! Alligator!"