The microblog: 2013.11.19 22:33:22

2013.11.19 22:33:22 (402912508622548992) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Samuel Neves (@sevenps)" (402789107278946304):

The MinimaLT paper avoids the name "forward secrecy"; it talks about the speed of "key erasure". @sevenps @ewust @csoghoian @matthew_d_green


2013.11.19 13:37:26 (402777634746015745) from "Eric Wustrow (@ewust)", replying to "Christopher Soghoian (@csoghoian)" (402486864369557504):

@csoghoian should we really still be calling it "perfect" forward secrecy? I wouldn't consider "is broken passively by discrete log" perfect

2013.11.19 14:23:01 (402789107278946304) from "Samuel Neves (@sevenps)", replying to "Eric Wustrow (@ewust)" (402777634746015745):

@ewust @csoghoian @matthew_d_green If the discrete log is broken, why even "forward" or "secrecy"?