The microblog: 2014.01.22 02:14:32

2014.01.22 02:14:32 (425798602334560257) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "United Airlines (@united)" (425764139370557440):

So @united asks me to DM more data but doesn't follow me. Same dept that decided Feb 2014 was the right time to mail 2014 membership cards.

2014.01.22 07:31:50 (425878452680421376) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

Now @united tells me to print out my own fake-looking 2014 membership card. This is worse than useless: Lufthansa etc. won't accept it.


2014.01.21 23:28:31 (425756821937078272) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

2014 frequent-flyer card from @united, required by Lufthansa agents, won't be mailed until Feb. Will be in Europe. Old card expires 31 Jan.

2014.01.21 23:57:35 (425764139370557440) from "United Airlines (@united)":

@hashbreaker I'd like to assist. Please DM your MileagePlus account number. We'll look into this for you. Thanks. ^EY