The microblog: 2014.10.28 20:23:16

2014.10.28 20:23:16 (527178806369714176) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "zofrex (@zofrex)" (527051860197535745):

For UI, if you're sure that the yacht gift is worth only $100 then it's okay. But you're only allowed to receive one yacht per year. @ZoFreX


2014.10.28 05:45:53 (526958005032464385) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

UI "ethics training": It's ethical for HP salesgirls to treat UI computer purchasers to $75 dinner every day. But doggie bags are unethical.

2014.10.28 11:58:50 (527051860197535745) from "zofrex (@zofrex)":

@hashbreaker actual question from my ethics training: Is it acceptable for a salesman to give me a yacht if I buy their product? A YACHT