The microblog: 2016.03.27 17:56:53

2016.03.27 17:56:53 (714119008312758273) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "JP Aumasson (@veorq)" (714117017884868610):

Rudolph already suggested throwing QKD into a black hole, but my paper expresses skepticism that this will truly stop communication. @veorq


2016.03.27 17:41:00 (714115011317219328) from "JP Aumasson (@veorq)":

the SatLoP claim is under a specific model, that maybe hasn't been articulated well enough; ignores "invasive" physical attacks

2016.03.27 17:42:04 (714115279052214272) from "JP Aumasson (@veorq)", replying to "JP Aumasson (@veorq)" (714115011317219328):

also ignores attacks on the human parties: brain activity measuremt, "social engineering" etc.

2016.03.27 17:43:55 (714115742858362880) from "JP Aumasson (@veorq)", replying to "JP Aumasson (@veorq)" (714115279052214272):

I'd like to see more risk, cost-of-failure, operational fragility analysis of QKD; boring, non-quantum issues

2016.03.27 17:48:59 (714117017884868610) from "JP Aumasson (@veorq)", replying to "JP Aumasson (@veorq)" (714115742858362880):

solution: throw your QKD system and parties in a black hole (may still be some Hawking radiation as a side channel)