The microblog: 2016.09.22 23:51:05

2016.09.22 23:51:05 (779075570479030277) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Scott Arciszewski (@CiPHPerCoder)" (779072011700166656):

Lots of stuff: hash functions, ciphers, ECC, post-quantum systems. Looking forward to in-depth discussion of what to optimize. @CiPHPerCoder


2016.09.22 23:36:03 (779071790500999168) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

Workshop coming up next month on measuring and improving crypto performance: Registration only 130 EUR until 27 Sep.

2016.09.22 23:36:56 (779072011700166656) from "Scott Arciszewski (@CiPHPerCoder)":

Will the emphasis be on post-quantum algorithms or more widely scoped?