The microblog: 2017.03.24 01:31:37

2017.03.24 01:31:37 (845070561223081984) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "BjarniBjarniBjarni (@HerraBRE)" (845063340208611328):

The length was needed given the number of relevant facts to report. Responding point-by-point forced some repetition.


2017.03.24 01:01:10 (845062899949338625) from "BjarniBjarniBjarni (@HerraBRE)", replying to " (@grrrr_shark)" (845060859978301444):

Who needs reading? Far easier: "if you're not with us you're against us" :-P ... what a mess.

2017.03.24 01:02:55 (845063340208611328) from "BjarniBjarniBjarni (@HerraBRE)", replying to "BjarniBjarniBjarni (@HerraBRE)" (845062899949338625):

But DJB desperately needs an editor. Statement was too long, too repetitive, too snarky. Will rub the wrong way, facts aside.