The microblog: 2017.03.24 02:38:18

2017.03.24 02:38:18 (845087343447085056) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Dan P (@copumpkin)" (845078391086891009):

His _discomfort_ seemed quite serious, and I don't think it was made up. You're confusing different accusations.


2017.03.24 00:35:22 (845056408894758912) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Rich Felker (@RichFelker)" (844984095453171712):

You think that, in defending _myself_ against a smear campaign, I'm "enabling" or "defending" Mr. Appelbaum? Please clarify.

2017.03.24 01:25:47 (845069092788801537) from "Rich Felker (@RichFelker)":

No, wrt enabling/defending I was talking about the past, before everything came out in the open.

2017.03.24 01:38:53 (845072390212202496) from "Rich Felker (@RichFelker)", replying to "Rich Felker (@RichFelker)" (845069092788801537):

If you really didn't realize how awful he was, the right response is "I'm sorry I didn't realize". Not defending your actions.

2017.03.24 02:02:43 (845078391086891009) from "Dan P (@copumpkin)", replying to "Rich Felker (@RichFelker)" (845072390212202496):

yeah the whole thing was counterattack with pointed rhetorical questions to imply that discomfort was made up