The microblog: 2017.03.26 13:10:52

2017.03.26 13:10:52 (845956210012704768) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Democratic Gremlin iz 🌻 (@Teelin)" (845868144623169536):

You're fabricating claims that I never actually made. @stonehead @TUeindhoven


2017.03.25 19:22:01 (845702325809414144) from "St⭕nehead (@stonehead)":

The @ioerror saga continued: djb's accusatory comments on the previous chapter. Intimacy vs formal rules, it's hard.

2017.03.26 07:20:55 (845868144623169536) from "Democratic Gremlin iz 🌻 (@Teelin)", replying to "St⭕nehead (@stonehead)" (845702325809414144):

Procedure re harassment at @TUeindhoven DOESN'T require reporting to professor as claimed by @hashbreaker