The microblog: 2017.06.14 23:32:09

2017.06.14 23:32:09 (875103589601071105) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Tony "Abolish ICE" Arcieri 🦀🌹 (@bascule)" (874740674779791360):

"Security is guaranteed and is immune to govt money" is ludicrous overconfidence; not the right response to "govt money implies insecure".


2017.06.12 12:14:54 (874208379371220992) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

I'm astonished at how casually some people are dismissing the notion that NSA bribes academics. Why wouldn't they?

2017.06.13 22:47:08 (874729875906732032) from "Dan (@dyoder)" = " (@dyoder)", replying to "Tony "Abolish ICE" Arcieri 🦀🌹 (@bascule)" (874729234530316288):

Ah, so DJB's Tweet was sort of moving the goalposts. Or are these two separate conversations?

2017.06.13 23:30:03 (874740674779791360) from "Tony "Abolish ICE" Arcieri 🦀🌹 (@bascule)", replying to "Dan (@dyoder)" = " (@dyoder)" (874729875906732032):

More like Durov is incoherent and spouting nonsense. DJB inexplicably tried to argue one of his points (he talked about NSA too)