The microblog: 2017.10.23 00:34:40

2017.10.23 00:34:40 (922229745454022656) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Graham Steel (@graham_steel)" (920177917329625088):

Yup. Our 2048bit attack using @sagemath is now 5-25% faster than ROCA blog. 3fd6a53a3b6362248ac10de4a8108df3c839a7193a96d0991c6675990599d917


2017.10.17 01:34:26 (920070462247522304) from "Tanja Lange (@hyperelliptic)":

Had fun reverse engineering w/ @hashbreaker SHA256: 01463fbab8a8f9e345cd3f2201556a26d2f81b03cf2b8760643148b9a01255a6

2017.10.17 08:41:26 (920177917329625088) from "Graham Steel (@graham_steel)":

I guess that was inevitable... will they have a faster version of the attack before the paper is even released?