The microblog: 2017.12.07 11:36:15

2017.12.07 11:36:15 (938718794285027328) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Paulo Barreto (@pbarreto)" (938599261070958592):

The zero-decryption-failures theorem for NTRU Prime is now quantitatively better, allowing noticeably better speed-security tradeoffs.


2017.12.07 03:01:24 (938589227188711425) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

NTRU Prime submission to #NISTPQC: Submission team in Twitter-handle order: @BeingJade, @cvvrede, @hashbreaker, @hyperelliptic

2017.12.07 03:41:16 (938599261070958592) from "Paulo Barreto (@pbarreto)":

New parameters? I thought streamlined NTRU Prime was 9829^739. Any rationale that fits a tweet?