The microblog: 2018.01.10 14:40:12

2018.01.10 14:40:12 (951086272545808385) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Joachim Strömbergson (@Kryptoblog)" (951082957753798662):

Non-EM-defended circuits are vulnerable to EM attacks. This has been known for many years and has nothing to do with Curve25519. Very similar attacks apply to, e.g., NIST P-256.


2018.01.10 14:05:59 (951077660184195072) from "Joachim Strömbergson (@Kryptoblog)":

Ouch! #realworldcrypto

2018.01.10 14:27:02 (951082957753798662) from "Joachim Strömbergson (@Kryptoblog)", replying to "Joachim Strömbergson (@Kryptoblog)" (951077660184195072):

Spectre, Meltdown and breaking Curve25519. Pretty impressive.