The microblog: 2018.03.23 22:37:56

2018.03.23 22:37:56 (977298423127867392) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Tancrède Lepoint (@Leptan)" (974122352005955584):

I've set up a mailing list now: send email to


2018.03.14 22:58:38 (974042145354125312) from "PQCRYPTO Project (@pqc_eu)":

New software library #libpqcrypto with 77 cryptographic systems from 19 of the 22 PQCRYPTO-funded submissions to #NISTPQC. Command-line interface, C interface, Python interface. Automated testing and optimization.

2018.03.15 04:17:21 (974122352005955584) from "Tancrède Lepoint (@Leptan)", replying to "PQCRYPTO Project (@pqc_eu)" (974042145354125312):

Great job! Is it possible to contribute to the library?