The microblog: 2018.05.14 15:34:12

2018.05.14 15:34:12 (996020859071496192) from Daniel J. Bernstein, replying to "Olivier 🐿️ (@gloupin)" (995849537305669634):

Thanks. I skipped past NTS-KEM since they said they were abandoning the patents, but you're right that I should list the patent numbers explicitly for future reference.


2018.05.14 03:16:12 (995835132991954944) from Daniel J. Bernstein:

Have extended to try to list all numbers of patents+applications mentioned in the #NISTPQC IP statements. Noticeable risk of some numbers being missed or garbled. Would appreciate confirmation from someone else going independently through the statements.

2018.05.14 04:05:51 (995847631460069376) from "Olivier 🐿️ (@gloupin)":

Some patents for NTS-KEM appeared to be missing from the list (page 5 of the pdf) (GB 2532242 and a US one)

2018.05.14 04:13:26 (995849537305669634) from "Olivier 🐿️ (@gloupin)", replying to "Olivier 🐿️ (@gloupin)" (995847631460069376):

Besides those 2, I think you got them all, thanks